How Military Wife Jessica B. Overcame Addiction

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Expectations, infidelity, heartache, and an inability to cope sent Jessica on a downward spiral with drugs and alcohol. But when God told her to go to Mountainside, she listened. Jessica is now celebrating one year and 7 months of sobriety from alcohol and cocaine! She has been married for 14 years, and is a military spouse of 11 years, mother of four, college student, an intern at the McCall Center for Behavioral Health, and a freelance face painter.

Jessica is one semester away from becoming a Certified Addiction Counselor, has learned to accept things as they are, and knows that with love, anything is possible. As Jessica likes to say, “If we are always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, that means we are always living in that tunnel’s darkness, forever on a trek to that light. I’ve learned to always be at the end of the tunnel, in that light, whatever that light may look like”.

You can listen to Jessica’s full story on The SHAIR Recovery Podcast, episode 231.

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