Finding Hobbies in Recovery with Eric G.

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Taking the leap of faith to start my recovery journey was possibly the scariest, most nerve-wracking, and stressful time of my life.

Sobriety changed my life forever, and I am thankful for all the experiences that got me to where I am today. This past month, I celebrated eight years of beautiful recovery and have not looked back. Since getting sober, I mended my relationships with my family, started a career in the recovery field, and created my own independence as a thriving, sober young man. Sobriety allowed me to reconnect with my family in a way I never believed possible. I can enjoy and give back to the loving and beautiful family unit that was always there for me. My mother, two sisters, father, stepfather, and step-siblings have always had my back since day one, and now I can proudly say I have theirs without any hesitation. About two years ago, I started working in the field of recovery. I feel the power of taking the gift of sobriety and using it to help others in need.

Since recovery is my chosen path for life, it comes naturally to me as a career worth pursuing. Recovery makes sense to me, and I find such joy and fulfillment in helping others who are still struggling to navigate their own paths. Sobriety is to be cherished and passed along, and working in the field not only helps others, but myself remember why I chose life over death. Before getting sober, I was so lost I did not even realize how lost I was!

I have rekindled old passions, taken up new hobbies, and experienced pure fun and enjoyment while growing into the young man I am today! About a year after I got sober, I started to run again and put my heart and soul into it. In 2017 after my second sobriety anniversary, I entered the NYC marathon and opened a doorway that had been closed for quite some time. Now I am an avid runner and compete in races regularly, both for pure enjoyment and its magical effect on my mental health. Today my laughter comes from my belly and genuine happiness for the life and surroundings I have, something I did not know before sobriety. I am so thankful for the gift I was given, and the courage to change. Without it, I would not have the wonderful, amazing life I have today.

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