Daniel P.

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My name is Daniel and I currently work in Client Services at Mountainside. I have been employed here for over six months thanks to the Phase IV program that was offered to me through Mountainside Extended Care. I first want to express my gratitude for this opportunity. This program was the perfect way for me to achieve my goals and build a solid foundation around recovery. I was very fortunate to be able to stay surrounded by people who share common interests and want to be the best version of themselves. When being asked if I was interested in the Phase IV program I knew I wanted two things: to work for a good cause and to remain in a safe, healthy environment where I could explore different career paths for my future. It was the perfect fit for me to grow as a person and to remain in a safe supported network surrounded by caring, selfless individuals. The decision was not difficult at all to make because I knew I needed to remain in a structured environment while also being able to pursue my goals. While in the program, all I can say is my experience was remarkable. Staff at Mountainside is unlike any other place. I owe a substantial amount of my recovery to them and I am very appreciative of all they have done for me while working here. They have taught me so much about myself and have helped me reshape my life in the best way possible. I was able to see several departments including Admissions and Shipping and Receiving. Regardless of where I was helping out, the morals and principles all remained the same. Everyone has each other’s backs and will go to great lengths to make you feel like you belong here. The best part of the program would have to be working at Concierge. Being able to help clients and get to know them may have been the most rewarding benefit in my experience in Phase IV. Knowing that I am helping someone that is dealing with the same struggles as me is a comfortable feeling and a driving factor in my own journey. I can’t express my gratitude for the bond I have built with the Mountainside community. I would like to shout out Tim, Erika, Paul, Amanda, Amber, Dan, Evan, Andrew, Ryan, Nick, Matt, Campbell, Steven and the rest of the Mountainside team for the continuous support they have given me in my tenure here so far. Thank you all!

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