Amy L’s Transformation in Recovery

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On March 16th, I will be 14 months sober and I cannot begin to describe the transformation I’ve endured over the last few years since leaving Mountainside. When I first arrived at treatment, my life was in such disarray I had little hope that change would come out of a dire situation. At the time, I felt hopeless in overcoming my alcohol addiction but I was also desperate to do anything to enter recovery and find lasting relief. Although I was skeptical at first, I was willing to hear the stories of others and follow a program of recovery that suited me best.

In 2020, I created the @Sober_Latina Instagram Page and found comfort in creating and sharing memes related to recovery and sobriety. I remain active in the recovery community by attending meetings on a weekly basis – I even host an AA Beginners meeting on Friday evenings! My path of recovery was not always linear, it took many attempts to try to get sober. My journey led me from detox to residential treatment to outpatient and then individualized therapy – which I still do today.

My life today looks so different than when I first entered the doors of detox. I lost nearly 60 pounds within my first year of sobriety – finally improving my health for the better. I got a new job that pays more AND I received a pay raise within my first year due to bringing my best self to work each day. I have been able to save far more than I have before and mostly because I don’t have to buy any substances to live my life anymore! My relationships with my family and friends improved gradually after they were able to see sustained sobriety for a long period of time. And most importantly, I can honestly say that I like the person I am today and that self-love is invaluable to my recovery.

My life now is not perfect but it is remarkably improved than it has ever been before and for that, I have to thank the recovery community for the supportive tools and the people along my path who encouraged me to stay sober and fight for recovery. Thank you for allowing me to share!

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