The Gratitude Issue

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Thanks for the Memories.

It’s so wonderful to look back over the last 5 years and see the growth in our Alumni Program. I remember when I first began my journey at Mountainside — I walked into a blank canvas of opportunity. I had no idea how I would reach the thousands of alumni, but over time, I have witnessed the program blossom into a tight-knit community. One filled with positivity, love, and support. We have grown so much — from a handful of us getting together to sold-out events where everyone comes to connect, laugh and have fun.

Mountainside is where my journey began when I entered treatment in 2007. It is my home base. Working here has always been my dream. But sometimes an unexpected opportunity knocks on your door, and you must answer. It feels unreal to say that my time as manager of the alumni program is ending. Getting to play a role in the growth of this program has been priceless. And all the laughter, tears, meaningful conversations, struggles, and triumphs will not be forgotten. But I know that this community is bigger than me or any one person. This community is as strong as it is because of every single one of you, who, day after day choose to do the right thing, to help one another, to go outside of your comfort zone, and to strive for a happy and healthy life in recovery.

This decision was not easy. Important decisions rarely are. Sometimes the answer is not as simple as a yes or no. If you are like me, you think and overthink, hoping that the choice you make for your life is the right one. But ultimately, you must take all the self-doubt and turn it into positivity. You can’t let fear become the ruler of your world. You must go outside of your comfort zone and take chances. If you believe in yourself and commit, you can’t fail. You can only grow.

I am excited about the unknown that awaits me because I believe in my heart that we create, we choose, and we manifest what is already ours. I thank you all for sharing so many memories with me. And as Mountainside alum, I look forward to making many more memories together.

With Gratitude,

From the Alumni Team:

We are never alone. As you know, fellowship, friends, and colleagues build upon a foundation of growth. Mountainside’s alumni team is still here to support, inspire, and show you how to go beyond. Kendall will continue to connect with you about events, news, and to stay in touch. We look forward to seeing you at our future events!


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