Getting the Most Out of Summer

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Recently, I became so closed off to the world around me that I was missing out on all the amazing signs the universe was sending my way. I wasn’t living with my heart. I was living in a space of self-pity and doubt, and that ever present “I’m just not good enough” kept taking over. I found myself sleeping in a little later, skipping the gym, and picking up food to cope with my feelings. And then it happened ⎼ I was standing in Target, talking on the phone, crying.

Sometimes we have bad days, but when those bad days turn into months, we need to dig deep and find the root of it. Life happens, and sometimes, it isn’t how we feel it should be or what we want. However, I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and with that comes a lesson, a reason to look at ourselves and find out what it is that we need to be working on or change.

I am grateful for recognizing when I need to move into action. I realized that I had not been focusing on myself, that I was allowing others to rule me. I began to feed myself positive affirmations each day, started a gratitude list with a close friend, increased my meditation, and got honest about some things I had been holding on to. I started stepping outside at night to look at the stars. I even pulled over one evening just to look at the moon. I could feel my energy beginning to rise.

I remembered that I am the most important person in my life. That if I don’t put my well-being first or ensure my needs are met, then I can’t be there for others. Self-care is essential. I booked a trip with no agenda or plan to California to see a friend. Just unplug and reclaim that self-love I’d strayed away from.

I’ll be heading to India by myself at the end of the month to continue my journey of self-awareness, and I am looking forward to what I will discover about myself.

What are your plans this summer? What will you do to challenge yourself? Do something to get outside your comfort zone. Don’t know where to start? Join the Alumni Change in Action (CIA) and camp on the mountain for two nights. Commune with nature, climb the mountain, and dive into adventure. Life is about stepping into your own, so get out there and claim yours!

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