Embracing Change

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My mind is always filled with noise. The voice in my head, that sounds just like me, tells me I am not good enough, not smart enough, not worthy enough. And just as it tells me these negative ideas it also repeats back positives: you are amazing, you’re worth it, you deserve better. The constant unsettling of the mind is something that I am trying to learn to accept.

The holidays have come and gone and as life continues to happen, I have been trying to make meditation more of a constant practice rather than something that I do only when I am not feeling well. Over the last month, I have been incorporating this into my morning and evening routine. I take 5 to 10 minutes to reset and allow my thoughts to come and go as they choose rather than try to stifle them and push them deep down inside my psyche. I find that in the middle of the day if needed, I can pause, sit in silence, take a few deep breaths, and reset.

One of the greatest myths about meditation is that you are not supposed to think. This could not be further from the truth. I have noticed that, since I began to make this a practice, I am able to untangle the mixed-up messages that roll through my head each day. That I can re-center and clear out the confusion to allow for goodness to flow into my life.

If you are new to this, just as I am, I would suggest trying a free app called Insight Timer. It is full of meditations, talks, music, and teachings. I use it every day. You can track your progress, add notes, and see the thousands of people who are meditating along with you.

On January 27th, we will be hosting a workshop in Canaan that is focused on inner growth, part of which will be meditation. It is a great way to #gobeyond that chatter in your mind and connect with you. I hope you will join me.

Mountainside Alumni Heading to Mexico

At Mountainside, we know that fun is an important part of recovery. This year, we are excited to invite you to join us on a life-changing adventure in Mexico. The two part journey will take you across ancient Mexico, where you will enjoy traditional cuisine and breathtaking views, explore ancient civilizations, learn about local marine life, and strengthen your bond with fellow alumni.

Don’t miss your change to be a part of this fun-filled adventure of spiritual enlightenment.

Contact Jessica Dolan at 860 824 1397 Ext. 178 or email for more information.

Registration ends in February.

Share Your #GoBeyond Story

Inspire others by sharing your #GoBeyond story. It’s simple, use your smartphone, tablet, or camera and record yourself answering the following questions:

  • What does Go Beyond mean to you?
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It could be anything! Did you graduate, go back to school, buy a home, get a promotion, start a business, reunite with your family, have a baby, climb a mountain, do something you never thought you could? Tell us!

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Stay motivated to push yourself outside of your comfort zone all year long with our #GoBeyond 2018 calendar, filled with inspirational quotes and our monthly #GoBeyond theme. To receive your free calendar, please contact Jessica Dolan.

December Milestones

We are building a list of sobriety birthdays. If you’d like to have your recovery birthday featured in our newsletter, please contact [Jessica Dolan](email:Jessica.Dolan@Mountainside.com).


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