Lisa C.

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I was full of renewed hope the day I left Mountainside in October 2015. It was my 2nd rehab in the same year! This time felt different because, at Mountainside, they helped me find ME.

I was a recovering alcoholic, wife of another recovering alcoholic, mother, and a new Nonna (grandma). Life ahead looked and felt good. I was excited but still had some fears as to what my future held. I was to do intensive outpatient treatment at Norwalk Hospital in the evenings. On November 19th, between 5: 15 PM and 5:20 PM, crossing the road to attend my 4th meeting, I was struck by a vehicle.

After 24 days in Yale ICU, 2 months at Yale Hospital, and 2 months in a rehabilitation center, I finally went home. My injuries were severe, and I should not have survived as my aorta was torn and my spine was detached. But by God’s grace, I was, and now 26 operations later, I am in recovery. My sobriety date is August 16th, 2016. I relapsed due to depression and pain – 1 drink! But I had come so far that I realized that it was not worth going back.

All the above has not stopped my outlook on life because I am a survivor. I have survived breast cancer, a terrible accident, and Covid 19. Why?
I realized I could share my story and help others.

I wanted to give back, so I became a recovery coach then a recovery coach professional. I have taken mental first aid courses to try and have a better understanding. I have given over 100 hours of virtual volunteer hours helping those with a dependency that frequently go to the ER at Norwalk Hospital.

Today, I do modified CrossFit. I am an artist in my spare time. I garden. I play with my three grandchildren. I am actively involved with Mountainside.

I recently came back from visiting my family and grandchildren in Southern Italy. We celebrated my 60th birthday there. I tagged on a trip to Rome where I managed to visit the Pope very closely, and I touched him. I also climbed the 316 steps to the top of the Dome! Insane and in pain, but I am truly blessed in my life as it is precious.

As I gear up for another operation (hip replacement – part of my injuries), I continue to appreciate every day, every sober day with clarity and enjoyment and live every moment in a grateful, upbeat way. Taking one day at a time.

Thank you, Mountainside.

Lisa C.

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