Recovery Staycations with Jessica

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I recently made the choice to take a stay-cation. Typically, I don’t stop; I am on the move constantly. I haven’t taken a break from life to just “be” in what seems like an eternity. Over the past several months, I found myself wanting to be still. I am not sure exactly how it happened. Maybe I am tired. Maybe I am longing for something new. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m seeking to be close to what feels familiar. Whatever it is, I haven’t really been questioning it.

The idea of not booking a flight or hotel and leaving for a bit had become foreign to me. At first, I was thinking, “what in the world am I going to do with myself? How am I going to stay in close proximity to where I live?” But as my time off approached, I felt relief knowing that I was going to be spending time with people I love. I wasn’t going to have my days mapped out with some crazy busy schedule.

My goal for this trip was to flow with whatever came my way. I threw my bag, bike, and beach chairs in the back of my car, and off I went. The first stop was Madison Square Garden to see Pink, who, by the way, was incredible as always. I then headed to a friend’s house for a few days, where I was able to do some of the things I enjoy the most. I worked out, prepared and cooked healthy meals, read a book, went to a meeting, and relaxed in the sun.

I then visited with a friend for a few days. We walked everywhere. We ate dinner at an amazing restaurant, got our nails done, watched a movie, had an incredible brunch, and went to a Broadway show. I ended my trip waking up each morning to the sound of the water and the birds chirping. I fished, completed a workout on Memorial Day that challenged me both physically and mentally, went paddle-boarding, cooked out for the holiday, and sat with my toes in the sand.

What I learned is that I don’t need to travel to some far-off destination to feel fulfilled. What I long for is quality time with the ones I love, more of the simple life, and to be where it feels like home. My time off was refreshing because I was able to take each moment as it comes, without expectations. It was definitely something that I needed to do to recharge my soul. I enjoyed every minute that I had available to me. I didn’t waste any of it. It was filled with great conversation, lots of laughter, pure relaxation, and most of all, love.

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