How to Trick Your Body into Working Out

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Summer is almost here, but what if your summer body is nowhere to be found? What if you did not lose those extra 10 pounds but instead gained 10 more? Well, you are not alone! Did you know that almost 70 percent of Americans are considered overweight or obese? That is 7 out 10 people walking down the street. And according to a recent health survey, 30 percent of those people think that their weight is normal. Being overweight is so widespread that we do not notice it anymore.

You may be thinking, so what? Is it not 2017? Are we not all about self-love and body positivity? If a plus size model can be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, then maybe you can eat another slice of pizza, or two? And while all that is true, and self-acceptance is important, having an unhealthy weight is not self-love. Being overweight or obese puts you at elevated risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and even certain types of cancer. Extra weight does not only affect you physically, but also psychologically. It can lead to depression and anxiety.

While being in good physical health is essential to overall well-being, finding the time and motivation to work out can be challenging. Here are some simple tips to sneak workouts into your everyday routine. Small changes can make all the difference in becoming the best version of yourself.

Become an Early Bird

You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm! Not only does waking up early give you some time to sneak in a workout but studies have shown that early risers are less stressed, happier, more efficient, and overall more successful.

Wake up 15 to 20 minutes earlier and start your day with some yoga or a light walk around your neighborhood.

Make Your Commute Count

Those bills are not going to pay themselves, so when traveling to work, why not make the commute count for something? If you live near your job, try walking or biking to work. If you must drive, try parking further away from the entrance. It might not seem like much but sneaking in extra steps everyday can make a significant difference over time.

Work Out at Work

We’re not suggesting you do lunges all the way to the water cooler (although you totally could!) but there are ways that you can sneak in a workout while you work, especially if you work in an office. Start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Need to ask a coworker about a project? Ditch the email and walk over to their desk. Making some copies? Do some calf raises while you wait.

Another way to keep your on-the-job workout secret is by doing some squeezing. It sounds silly but squeezing your buttocks for just 5 to 10 seconds at a time can help you tone your glutes and burn calories, all while you write that sales report or do inventory.

Talk and Walk

Next time you have a work meeting, ditch the bagels and conference room, and take everyone for a walk. Walking meetings are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are you exercising, walking meetings have shown to increase creativity and engagement as well as improve communication between coworkers.


Make the most out your time. Waiting in line? Do some toe raises! Watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Do some squats, push-ups, or jumping jacks while you watch it. Need to study for a big exam? Take your book to the gym and study on the elliptical. There are only 24 hours in the day, but if you learn to manage your time properly, you can certainly find the right time to sneak in a workout.

Make it Fun

Many people dread the idea of going to the gym, but who said that the treadmill is the only way to get in shape? Try a dance class, kickboxing, rowing, or rock climbing. There are plenty of activities that can help you get in shape while having fun. And if you want some extra motivation, convince a friend to join you.

Small changes throughout the day add up. Start sneaking in some workouts into your everyday routine, and before you know it you will be a much a healthier and happier self.

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