Practicing Yoga After Mountainside

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woman laying on red mat practicing yoga poses

Hi there! This is Thuan Nguyen from the Wellness Team.

Mountainside is a wonderful place to start a yoga practice and see how Mind Body Spirit activities can support your recovery. When you discharge, don’t forget to take your practice with you!

So how do you start a yoga practice on the outside?

“A little of something is better than a lot of nothing.”

Start a daily morning practice at home. Even if it’s just for 5 to 10 minutes. Get that body moving! There are wonderful short yoga videos on YouTube to get going. After about eight hours of sleep, your life force energy is a little stagnant, so you’re going to feel tired. By moving the body and stretching, you’ll release stuck energy and release that which you don’t need anymore. Slowly add a couple of minutes to your practice each day and it could become more important than your morning cup of coffee.

When you’re confident enough, find a yoga studio or yoga classes at your local gym. Practicing with others creates a sense of community. You’ll come in and breathe together, share each other’s energy, and support one another. Get to know your local yoga community and you’ll find kindred souls that are dedicated to personal growth, getting healthy, and building their spirituality.

We don’t practice yoga to be good yogis. We practice yoga to be better people. Yoga helps create a presence in life so we can stay in the moment and make skillful decisions. Yoga helps us to reclaim our bodies and become more comfortable in them. Practicing yoga is a wonderful act of self-care that will, in turn, help you care for others when they need it.

So, when you leave Mountainside, remember to pack your yoga practice with you!

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