Finding Community in Recovery with Liz W.

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Finding Community in the Workplace

One of the most crucial parts of my recovery is connecting with other people who have a substance use disorder. That is why being an ambassador is so important to me, so I can help someone new in recovery build a network of support. Someone once told me that the one thing that the majority of people who are in recovery have in common is that they have a community they feel a part of. I have found a community in a few different places, including 12 Step fellowship, friends and acquaintances, and people at work.

I am an RN in a very busy emergency department and am also getting my master’s degree as a nurse practitioner. The past year has been very challenging in several ways, from school to caring for COVID patients to watching people struggle with substance use and mental health because of COVID. I took refuge in my community and started doing virtual classes with The Phoenix when I needed an escape through physical activity and human connection. I made friends across the country. I even just visited a couple of them in Florida!

Finding Community in Exercise

One of the places that has meant a lot to me over the past year is The Phoenix. They are a nationwide (including in MA and expanding into CT and NH) sober active community that offers free classes such as CrossFit, yoga and rock-climbing, events, and other forms of support for people in recovery. They also have a ton of free virtual classes online, which I do in addition to the in-person classes I attend.

Being active is a huge part of my recovery in general, whether it is yoga or running for my spirit, rock climbing for my mind, or a good CrossFit workout for my body. But please do not get me wrong, I love sitting back with a good cup of coffee and conversation too! I hope to connect with those new in recovery to show how you can find outlets, identification, and fun in recovery while building a community, too.

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