Jen G. “Goes Beyond” in Recovery

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woman in inspiring cancer sweatshirt with thumbs up

From the moment Jen got sober, she decided she no longer wanted to settle or be mediocre. She embarked on a mission to go beyond, to give back, and to become her true and most authentic self. Along the way, she discovered her passion for nursing – which she is now going back to school for – and rebuilt relationships with the people she cherished most.

Every day, Jen choses to go beyond in every aspect of her life. And there is nothing slowing her down, not even cancer. In this short video, Jen shares her story and what inspires her in recovery.

“If I didn’t let drugs and alcohol kill me, I certainly wasn’t going to let cancer kill me,” she proclaimed. “So, I made the decision, again, to do whatever it took to fight for my life.”

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