Signs of Addiction

Recognizing the signs of addiction could save a life, if not when recognized in yourself, but a loved one. Learn about the physical and behavioral addiction symptoms to look out for.
Family Wellness

How to Tell if Someone is Drinking Too Much and How to Help

Learn the warning signs of alcoholism and what you can do to get your loved ones the help they need.
Family Wellness

Teens and Drugs: What Parents Need to Know

Addiction takes many forms and can affect anyone. Learn the signs of teen drug addiction to determine whether your child is secretly struggling.
Drug Addiction

What Are Common Signs of Mental Illness in Addiction?

Addressing mental health concerns is an important part of addiction treatment. Lisa Westerson, Assistant Clinical Director at Mountainside treatment center, shares common signs of mental illness and what you should do if you recognize these signs.
Family Wellness

What Parents Need to Know About Teens and Opioids

Opioid overdoses occur regardless of age. Learn how to recognize the signs of addiction and how to communicate with your teens about the dangers of drug abuse.
Family Wellness

8 Signs of Alcoholism to Watch Out For

Many who struggle with addiction attempt to hide their alcoholism from family members out of shame. Know the red flags pointing to a loved one’s alcohol abuse.

Is Your Teen Drinking?

More than 190,000 people under 21 visited an emergency room for alcohol-related injuries in 2008 alone. Is your teen a binge drinker?

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