Innovative and Holistic Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

More than 18 years ago, Mountainside was among the first rehab centers in the country to utilize innovative and holistic drug rehabilitation techniques. Since that time, we have been regarded as a leader in the revolutionary mind, body, and spirit treatment approach to drug addiction and alcoholism rehabilitation.

Holistic Drug Rehabilitation

This is why innovative and holistic drug rehabilitation approaches recovery treatment with a focus on the client’s mind, body, and spirit. When one or more of these elements are left unaddressed, the risk of relapse are heightened because all too often, the root causes of the addiction lie somewhere within these three areas.

But, when a client undergoes engaging mind, body and spirit – based practices in an innovative addiction treatment center, they are provided with the tools necessary for living a healthier and more balanced life both inside and outside of rehabilitation.

The Benefits of Innovative and Holistic Drug Rehab

The Benefits of Innovative and Holistic Drug Rehabilitation

At Mountainside, our clients recover on more than sixty pristine wooded acres near Connecticut’s Berkshire Mountains. The towering hardwood trees, bubbling brooks, and crisp mountain air provide the picture-perfect backdrop for whole body holistic healing.

Our holistic treatments are designed to deliver specific benefits that are conducive to helping our clients on their journey toward long-term recovery. Our holistic programs include:

Yoga: Yoga helps our clients improve their mental, physical, and spiritual faculties through targeted poses and meditative states.
Tai Chi: Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise that’s considered a form of martial art. It helps improve balance, blood pressure, circulation, and heart rate while simultaneously increasing energy and lowering one’s stress levels.
Meditation: Meditation is an ancient holistic practice that helps our clients gain insight into their lives and relationships, their addictions, and their overall mental state. By incorporating meditation into drug and alcohol rehab, our clients are more capable of focusing on their recovery and dealing with the challenges of daily life without the buffer of drugs or alcohol.
Acupuncture: When a client enters rehabilitation, they can experience some uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal until all traces of the substance has been eliminated from their body. Acupuncture is a highly-effective technique that helps our clients manage their post-acute withdrawal symptoms so they can recover in a more relaxed and comfortable state.

Mountainside’s innovative and holistic drug rehabilitation center is located just two hours from both Boston and from New York City in Connecticut’s gorgeous Litchfield County. If you or a loved one needs rehab services, then don’t wait another minute – call us today at 860-824-1397. Our Admissions Representatives can help you get started on your holistic journey toward wellness and recovery.