Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center

Mountainside's innovative drug and alcohol rehab center is situated on more than 60 acres of private land in northwest Connecticut, at the foothills of the majestic Berkshires mountain range. Here clients will find fresh air, open sky, and an abundance of space — the perfect setting to focus on recovery.

The beautiful, natural surroundings at Mountainside addiction treatment center provide a healing backdrop for our holistic substance abuse treatment programs. With few distractions, the peaceful environment enables our clients to better concentrate on healing. As clients experience a variety of traditional and alternative treatments, including those in our renowned Mind, Body, Spirit and Adventure Based Counseling programs, they become empowered, gaining a greater understanding of how to reclaim control in their lives.

Secluded Drug Rehab Center Conveniently Located

While Mountainside's secluded location helps to make it a uniquely effective residential drug rehab center, it remains very conveniently located. Three major cities are within a 100 mile radius: Hartford approximately 45 miles west, New York 85 miles south, and Boston 100 miles northeast. Our clients come to our Connecticut campus from all over the US as well as international countries.

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Newly Renovated, Modern Facilities

Our beautiful location paired with our modern state-of-the-art facilities provides a comfortable and serene setting for clients to reflect, recover and renew. In the past three years, we have made a significant investment in renovating our entire facility, from living quarters and treatment rooms, to grounds and equipment. Our goal is to offer clients an environment where they not only feel safe and comfortable but also inspired and engaged.

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Warm, Caring and Embracing Community

As you enter Mountainside’s doors, you feel the warmth of a caring and embracing community. Our entire team works together to ensure the atmosphere not only looks but also feels inviting and is advantageous to a smooth and effective treatment process. We have a strong sense of service. Great attention is paid to every detail to ensure our clients’ needs are met so that they can focus their energies on recovery. We value and respect that each client is an individual, and believe that every interaction is an opportunity for us to reinforce great care.