Family Wellness

Mountainside Family Addiction Treatment Meeting

Addiction’s harmful impact extends beyond the individual to the family. A major consequence of substance abuse is the destruction of healthy family relationships. Oftentimes an individual and the family stop understanding each other, communication diminishes and alienation sets in. While the family becomes frustrated and stressed, the individual loses a major source of support needed to fight addiction. At Mountainside, we believe it is critical to help families heal, and in turn develop families into strong resources to help their loved ones through recovery.

As part of Mountainside’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we offer a family wellness program that teaches clients and their families to understand addiction as a disease, constructive problem resolution, and tools to build effective support systems. Each family wellness plan is personalized to address real challenges and needs, and works in sync with a client’s wellness plan. Through the incorporation of client-specific information, our family wellness plans are more effective in fostering healthy family relationships and lifelong recoveries.

The family wellness program plays a vital part in the success of Mountainside’s drug and alcohol treatment program.  By helping families heal, we enable families to become stronger resources in helping their loved ones sustain recovery. 

Our Family Wellness program includes:

Individual Counseling – Helps clients to understand how their addiction has affected family members and provides education and support in reconnecting with family members in a constructive way

Family Counseling – Unites families with their loved ones in combined therapy sessions.  We offer video conference services for family members unable to be physically present

Family Wellness Orientation – An half-day workshop to educate families on the disease of addiction and co-dependency, how to cope and create healthy boundaries, and provide support for a recovering family member

Family Wellness Workshop – A four-day, interactive, and educational experience designed to help families learn more about how addiction has impacted their family’s functioning and to learn new skills to improve their own self-care and restore the family to a healthy balance.

In addition to family drug and alcohol counseling, Mountainside provides regularly scheduled calls to update families on a client’s addiction treatment progress, as well as incorporate family input in aftercare planning (as per authorization granted by each client).

For additional support, we recommend families reach out to:

Al-Anon: for friends & families of problem drinkers

Nar-Anon: for friends & families of drug abusers