About Us

Drug Addiction Treatment

Mission Statement

At Mountainside, our mission is to raise the standard in comprehensive addiction treatment and provide an unsurpassed treatment experience for our clients.

Addiction Treatment Program Overview

We are a nationally acclaimed substance abuse treatment center providing individualized alcoholism and drug addiction treatment to men and women aged 18 and over.  At Mountainside, the client is seen as a whole, not just a diagnosis.  This means we care for the client’s mind, body and spirit.  With this holistic wellness treatment philosophy, we identify a client’s personal strengths and goals, and then use them as a means to client empowerment.

Innovative Drug Rehab Center

At our innovative alcohol and drug rehab center, the core addiction treatment regimen consists of cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness and grounding techniques, adventure-based counseling, mind, body, spirit therapy, family wellness, and 12 Step education—all delivered in a respectful and compassionate, structured community setting.

Addiction Rehab Chapel

Mountainside Story

In 1998, a small group of like-minded friends joined together to create Mountainside, a new type of drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that focused on the individual rather than a specific treatment methodology.  While traditional therapies had their merit, these friends believed new and alternate therapies could greatly improve the efficacy of substance abuse treatment by reaching clients where traditional therapies couldn’t, as well as adding synergies and compounding the benefits of traditional therapies.

An innovator in drug addiction and alcoholism treatment, Mountainside was one of the first to champion a holistic wellness approach to treatment, caring for an individual’s mind, body and spirit.  Since addiction affects multiple areas of an individual’s life, it made sense to provide care for the total individual.  From the first day we opened our doors, Mountainside offered breakthrough ways for individuals to strengthen the body and spirit to supplement standard counseling and 12 Step education.  Through the years, our belief in the power of holistic wellness was confirmed by the success of our clients in maintaining sobriety after leaving alcohol or drug addiction treatment.