Drug Rehab Programs, Treatment and Help in Connecticut

One of The Many Scenic Trails at Mountainside's Rehab Facility

At Mountainside’s drug rehab facility in Connecticut, we appreciate the strength and courage it takes for you to finally seek treatment. Drug abuse and addiction can take such a toll on both you and your family’s health and wellness that making the decision to get treatment can at times get lost in the shuffle of emotions, cravings, and problems caused by continued drug use. But, by acknowledging your addiction and accepting professional help, you are taking steps in the right direction toward rebuilding your life and your relationships.

Uncovering the Truth About Drug Rehab

We understand that the term “drug rehab” can be intimidating, especially with the way that rehabilitation, detox, and recovery are so often portrayed in the media. But at Mountainside, we offer our clients the ability to recover in a comfortable and welcoming environment, in one of the most beautiful and serene locations in the world – at the foothills of the majestic Berkshires mountain range.

With our innovative mind, body, and spirit approach to addiction rehabilitation, we are confident that you will discover our drug rehab programs to be nothing like what you could have imagined. The following will give you a good idea of what you can expect throughout the treatment process at Mountainside.

How Mountainside’s Drug Rehab Programs Work

The first step of Mountainside’s drug rehabilitation is the pre-admission interview. During this interview, our representatives will be gathering information pertaining to your addiction, your mental state, and your overall physical well-being. Honesty is important during interview because the information we gather helps us form a guideline to use when determining an effective course of treatment for your specific needs.

At Mountainside, you will receive an individualized drug rehab treatment program designed to provide education, inspiration, and motivation. Common treatment elements include 12-step education classes, individual and group counseling, family wellness programs, and relapse prevention education. In addition, we also incorporate adventure-based initiatives, confidence-building strategies, and comprehensive mind, body, and spirit interactive sessions that effectively teach you important stress reduction techniques while helping you to become more empowered and enlightened. By connecting and uniting your mind, body, and spirit, you stand the best possible chance for obtaining lasting recovery.

Before you leave Mountainside’s drug rehab, you will be provided with an intensive aftercare plan that gives you the support, guidance, and therapeutic follow-up to help you maintain the progress you made while in rehab. By staying committed to your aftercare plan, which depending on your needs can include 12-step meetings, out-patient treatments, a sober living situation, ongoing individual or family counseling, physician appointments, medication follow-ups and other options, you will enjoy a long-lasting sobriety and a life free from the dangers and temptations of drugs.

How to Tell if You Need Drug Rehab

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I tried to stop taking drugs in the past and failed?
  • Does my current living situation present too many temptations and emotional triggers for me to recover on my own?
  • Do I crave drugs?
  • Have I lost or damaged relationships as a result of my drug use?
  • Has my drug use interfered with my work or school?
  • Do I continue to take drugs even when I know the risks of doing so?
  • Has my health suffered as a result of using drugs?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you need to get drug rehab treatment as soon as possible. Addiction is a chronic disease that will progressively worsen the longer you go without professional treatment. Rehabilitation is possible with the right addiction treatment.

Call Mountainside to Learn More About Our Drug Rehab Programs

Mountainside was the first rehab in the country to initiate a mind, body, and spirit approach to addiction recovery and our drug rehab programs are nationally recognized as clinically-effective. If you have any questions or concerns about our rehab’s services or programs, or if you are ready to start your journey to wellness, just give us a call today at (860) 824-1397. We look forward to helping you recover your mind, your health, and your spirit.