Treatment Offerings

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

The hallmark of Mountainside’s alcohol and drug rehab programs is individualized treatment planning supported by a comprehensive set of evidence-based treatments and care.  In all our addiction treatment programs, we aim to set up our clients to succeed not just at Mountainside but in long-term sobriety.  Our various groups, workshops, lectures and counseling sessions combine to provide clients with:

Addiction Education – to have a deeper understanding of addiction as a disease and its impact on the mind and body.

Self-Discovery – to uncover factors that lead to substance abuse, as well as inner strength to strive for personal goals.

Relapse Prevention – to positively manage stress triggers and develop coping strategies to maintain long-term sobriety.

Support Systems – to have healthy relationships to rely on for support and encouragement, including within the family and among peers.

Aftercare Plan – to have a concrete, structured action plan to continue on recovery after leaving Mountainside.

Our wide range of alcohol and drug addiction treatment offerings serve to not only educate and help clients heal, but also to spark their interest and inspire them. We believe that if an individual is inspired the individual will have more motivation to change and in turn become more committed to living a healthy and productive, drug or alcohol-free life.

Our alcohol and drug addiction treatment offerings fall within these categories:

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