Addiction Programs & Services

The Scenic View Upon One of The Berkshire Mountains Overlooking Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center

In our mission to raise the standard in comprehensive addiction treatment, we offer a substantial range of drug and alcohol rehab programs and services to provide an innovative continuum of care. From the first days of care to a life free from addiction, Mountainside is here to help. Our Integrative Care Model — a powerful combination of evidence-based traditional and alternative treatments — allows us to either sequentially guide each client through all the stages of recovery or offer assistance at various independent stages of recovery.

Addiction Treatment Program

We are passionate about helping individuals regain and maintain happy and healthy lives. In all our of drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, we aim to empower our clients, to help them gain the necessary tools and knowledge to overcome challenges, and to help them discover their true selves and build inner strength to firmly remain on a clear path of recovery.

Our affordable Addiction Treatment Programs and Services include:

Our experienced and compassionate team of addiction treatment specialists can help determine which addiction treatment programs and services will best meet your or a loved one’s needs. At Mountainside, we have extensive experience treating a wide array of addictions and disorders, including:

For information about our compassionate and effective drug and alcohol rehab programs and services, or for immediate help, please call 1-800-762-5433.