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Could Smoking Cigarettes Cause a Relapse?

Recovery is difficult, which is why some people in recovery find comfort in smoking cigarettes. While many claim that cigarettes help them with cravings, stress, and anxiety, recent studies show that cigarette smoking hinders recovery rather than aids it. A study conducted by Columbia University found that smokers were twice as likely as nonsmokers to relapse … Continued

The Real Cost of Addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug and alcohol abuse are costing the nation over $700 billion each year. These costs are not just related to health care and crime but also to lost work productivity. Despite the stereotype that those with substance abuse problems are living on the streets and spend their … Continued

Addiction & Recovery: Real Talk on Managing Relationships Without Relapsing

Navigating personal relationships can be difficult for people in recovery, especially those in early recovery.  In this short video, Jessica Dunn shares how she spends time with family and friends who may not be in recovery and how she has fun without risking relapse.

WNWY: Dr. Mark Green on Medication-Assisted Treatment

The “What’s New with You?” Professional Breakfast Series is a group of workshops in Boston and Fairfield, CT, presented by Mountainside and a consortium of first rate treatment providers to share the latest developments in mental health, substance use disorders, and treatment advances. In this video, Dr. Mark Green, Addiction Psychiatrist at Psych Garden, discusses … Continued