Nature: the cure for your mind, body, and spirit

The sunrays gracing your skin, the cool breeze in your hair, the crickets chirping in the distance: there is a sense of serenity that comes along with being outdoors. Not only is nature a beautiful escape from everyday reality but it can have life changing effects, particularly on those recovering from substance abuse. Countless studies … Continued

Holistic Healing: Exploring Who You Are through Art

By Lisa Nelson, Senior Clinician At Mountainside, we believe in helping our clients heal mind, body, spirit. To that end, we combine traditional therapies with evidence-based, holistic treatments. In this new “Holistic Healing” column, we will highlight the many effective alternative modalities we use to care for our clients. Therapy, so many different theories and … Continued

Building the Perfect Plate

Trying to eat right and stay healthy is a challenge for most people, but as a person in recovery, you have the added complexity of making food choices that can help repair your body and stave off any cravings to use alcohol and drugs. Here are some simple tips to help you incorporate healthy foods … Continued

Bringing Mind Body Spirit Practices into Your Life

In 1975, Dr. Herbert Benson published his landmark book, The Relaxation Response. He documented the many beneficial effects of meditation — lower stress levels, a reduction in blood pressure and resting heart rate, and an overall increase in a sense of well-being. Since then, there has been a virtual explosion of research on the therapeutic … Continued

Your Wellbeing: Moments of Truth

By Steve Langley, Executive Director In my role as Mountainside’s Executive Director, I am often asked about my perception of recovery and what I believe to be important for maintaining a life of recovery, happiness, and well-being.  This is a particularly difficult question because every human being is different, and like snowflakes, each individual’s recovery … Continued