Addiction & Recovery: Real Talk on Managing Relationships Without Relapsing

Navigating personal relationships can be difficult for people in recovery, especially those in early recovery.  In this short video, Jessica Dunn shares how she spends time with family and friends who may not be in recovery and how she has fun without risking relapse.

5 Ways to Say No Relapse Without Saying No to Fun

Spring is here! As we come out of hibernation and trade binge-watching Netflix in our sweatpants for soaking up the sun with friends, we realize that warmer weather comes with some challenges. For many, spring and summer are synonymous with drinking. Outdoor parties, music festivals, barbecues, vacations … they often all include alcohol. And if … Continued

How Can You Help Your Teen in Addiction Recovery?

When your teen is in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, your support is crucial to their long-term success. Here are some tips for supporting your teen along their recovery journey.  


Q.  I have been sober for 11 months and feel that I am doing pretty well. I have a good job now and live with my older sister in her house. Everything is great except for the fact that she is extremely overprotective of me. My sister refuses to let me go out anywhere by … Continued