Addiction & Recovery: Real Talk on Tough Love

Addiction is a family disease. It can turn a family’s dynamics upside down. In this short video, Family Wellness Senior Clinician Bruce Dechert discusses how the “tough love” approach to addiction can affect family functioning and the importance of addressing addiction from a place of love rather than fear.

Getting Your Parent into Addiction Treatment

The nation is going through one of the worst drug epidemics in recent years, and there have been countless stories about how parents have had to fight to get their children into addiction treatment. As the crisis grows, however, there have been a number of cases where adult children have had to begin the process … Continued

Addiction & Recovery: Real Talk on Helping Teens Resist Drugs and Alcohol

In this video, our Family Wellness Manager, Tina Muller, shares with parents some techniques for empowering their teens to resist peer pressure to try drugs and alcohol.

What You Should Ask Your Doctor Before Filling Your Painkiller Prescription

The opioid epidemic is all over the news: horror stories about parents overdosing in front of their children or young athletes feeding their painkiller addictions with heroin. In 2015, there were 20,101 overdose deaths related to prescription pain relievers. Yet, the average person probably doesn’t know what the opioid crisis means for them. If prescribed … Continued

The Four Keys to Having a Great Holiday at Home – and Staying Sober

Everyone wants to be home for the holidays. At least, that’s what the season’s movies and songs tell us – even advertisements. In the Norman Rockwell painting of the imagination, everyone’s bellies are full of delicious homemade food, plenty of gifts lay at their feet, and the joy that comes along with spending time with … Continued